STEM Fair at Maywood

On March 31st Maywood held the STEM science fair. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. There were 12 projects in the fair.  Mrs. Mattot, who planned the event, really wanted to have a science fair because science is her favorite subject. There were no prizes for the participants in the fair. The Maywood science fair was held in the ALE room. “Science Kids” is a website where some of the kids found their project.

Many people felt that the best project was the paper towel that didn’t get wet when submerged into water. The way it worked was the paper towel goes in bottom of the cup and the remainder of the cup was filled with air pressure.  Fran’s experiment was how much salt it takes to make eggs float. Fran wanted to make this because of his love for science. PJ’s project was a two-way lightbulb switch and he made this with his knowledge on switches wires and lights. He got the idea from his electrical trade’s class. PJ entered to inspire and encourage students.

James Risley, who works as a TA in Mr. Riley’s room, thought that everybody had a unique project.  No two projects were the same and he enjoyed all the research the students were able to do.  He also liked that a lot of the projects were hands-on. Shiann thought everybody had a fabulous time and thought that everybody’s projects were creative and all different.

In the end, the STEM fair went really well. All the students got to show their wonderful projects and learn something new.  I personally thought that the two-way light was the coolest of them all.



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