Maywood’s Annual Play!


Maywood school will be performing their 5th annual play! Every year there is a different play that is performed in the gym.

The Maywood Drama class has been practicing this play for about three months now. This year they will be performing Don Quixote written by Miguel de Cervantes on January 20th at 10:30.

There was a signup sheet to be apart of the play.  Students could help out backstage or they could be a character in the play. There were 23 student signups from those who aren’t a part of the drama class but wanted to be apart of the play!

We are very grateful for Jackie Townstead being apart of the Drama class team! Jackie is a very big part of the reason why these plays happen at the school. She is a Production designer. Being a production designer isn’t as easy as it sounds. As a Production designer she has to get the actor’s costumes ready with any necessary accessories. She also makes props, paints the backdrops, and sets everything up. Finally, she edits the play and makes professional posters that will be hung up around the school. Jackie has been in this field for about 12 years.  She worked at Maywood school for 4 years and spent 8 years setting up other plays in College. Even though it can be a difficult and stressful job at times, she still enjoys being a productive designer because it allows her to use many different ideas and once everything is set up, those ideas are used in the play for people to look at it through different perspectives. Her three favorite plays are Alice and wonderland, Oliver Twist and Sleepy hallow.  She believes it would be a fun idea for the drama class to pick one of those three choices for a future presentation.  The students would choose the play together in hopes that they would be more attached to the play. She enjoys seeing the students get the chance to show that they’re good at something in school outside of just academics.  Acting can build up confidence!

Mr. Riley is also a big part in the drama class. He has been teaching Drama classes for over 5 years.  He teaches the students how to stand up in front of a crowd while acting and how to maintain a loud tone of voice so the audience can hear them.  He also buys all the necessary props and whatever else is needed for the play.

Mr. Riley enjoys when the play is over because he sees how proud the kids are of themselves for performing in front of the whole school, which can be a difficult task for some students.

Shi Ann


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