Francesco does Fan fiction!

Prologue: Adolescence

An Undertale Female Frisk x Female Chara Yuri Fanfiction by Francesco D. Dicaprio. Undertale is an Indie RPG adventure game created by Toby Fox



Chara sighed contently as she watched the setting sun sink into the horizon. She would never admit it to anyone, but seeing the sunset was one of her favorite sights since she left the underground. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” A voice asked. Chara turned her head, only for her lips to be captured in a chaste kiss. When the kiss broke, Chara saw Frisk, the person who freed her and all the monsters from the Underground, just months ago. Chara lightly smiled at her, as to confirm her earlier question. Frisk smiled as well and sat next to Chara, and then the two began to lean in for another kiss, but before their lips could connect, another voice coming from the bottom of the hill where they now sat startled them. When both girls looked over their shoulders, saw Chara’s best, and adopted brother, Asriel Dreemur. The young, Nubian goat boy was carrying a picnic basket under one arm and three sleeping bags under the other. “You know, a little help would be nice!” Asriel called, struggling to walk up the grassy hill and carry what the items he was lugging.  “We should help him out” Frisk suggested. Chara sighed and replied “Yeah, mom’ll really let us have it if we let Jack over there ‘break his crown’ Chara said, making air quotes with her fingers”


            After helping Asriel carry their things up the hill, the three began setting up their sleeping bags and the picnic blanket, which had been stored in the picnic basket. By the time the three of them had finished eating and cleaning up, it was already dark and the sky was filled with stars. “So Frisk… Why did you want to camp out here, huh?” Asriel asked. Frisk with a smile, replied simply “You’ll see…”  Not even a moment later, the evening sky had been illuminated by several multi-colored exploding fireworks. Asriel and even Chara were captivated by exploding lights in the sky. Frisk smiled and took the opportunity to steal a kiss from Chara. Chara put a hand on her gaping mouth as she blushed mildly. After the fireworks had ended the Chara, Frisk, and Asriel unfurled their sleeping bags. Frisk and Chara had decided to share Frisk’s sleeping bag because Chara had filled hers with personal chocolate stash, which Asriel had scolded her for doing.  After all of them had into their sleeping bags and Asriel had fallen asleep, Frisk asked in a hushed voice “Hey Chara? Do you ever think about how your life would be in the future?” “Oh Frisk… Of course I do. It… It scares me, y’know. I mean, you never know what’ll happen in life, and that really freaks me out. I mean, what if something happens?” Chara replied, looking over at Asriel, who was sleeping peacefully. Frisk calmed her down with a chaste kiss on the cheek and replied with a smile “Well, whatever the case, I’m glad I can face the future with you.” With Frisk rolled onto her side and fell asleep. Before falling asleep herself, Chara looked up the starry night and said “Heh… Thanks Frisk… I’m glad you care.”

        Episode One: The Roommate, Coming Soon!


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