Fake News! What a problem!

Fake news is misleading or made up news stories. Social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, is a good place to find fake news. Most of the time it’s difficult to spot.

Fake news is a big problem in the world today because you never know who is going to be reading  the article. Putting lies into people’s heads can be damaging. Even President Obama thinks it’s a dust cloud of nonsense. The spread of fake news causes people to become confused and angry.

If you feel like you are reading fake news just double check by going to snopes.com or factcheck.org.  One thing social media can do is block fake news sites. If you are on social media sites like Facebook or twitter and see something that appears to be fake go check snopes.com and find out the truth.  You can also stop believing everything you see on the internet.


Noah Provost


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