Don Quixote at Maywood



Maywood’s 5th annual play, “Don Quixote” was performed by Maywood’s Drama Class on January 20th.

The play tells the story of a Spanish noble man, Don Quixote (played by Francesco DiCaprio) who reads so many books about knights that he actually started to believe he was a knight in La Mancha Spain. Don Quixote ends up going on a series of adventures with his good friend Sancho Panza (Mr. Stern).

There were 29 cast members that performed in the play. Everyone started to set up and get ready by 9 am.  Louise McGann and Rachael Burlin both helped the students tremendously by helping the cast get ready for their parts.  They helped the actors and actresses get organized and directed what side they would come out onto the stage on.  They also showed the students what props were needed, kept track of what scene was going on, and who would be in it.

The gym was filled up with the students, staff members and teachers from the school, everyone was very respectful towards the cast while they were preforming.  After every scene there were questions asked by Mr. Riley and any student who answered the question correctly won a small prize!

The recording of the play was set up by Brooks, it was directed by Peter Riley and set design was  by Jackie Townsend.  The play was a big success.





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