Who inspired you to start reading poetry?

20161017_112146_resizedIf you have ever wanted to go to a poetry jam, there is one held in Maywood High school on Monday October 10th. The poetry jam is an even that is held so any students or teachers can read their favorite piece of poetry by their favorite poet. It is held in Mrs. Montagues room at the end of the first hallway in room 1.

After the poetry jam I asked Mr. Stern a few questions about how poetry makes him feel. Shell Silverton inspired Mr. Stern to start reading poetry. His favorite poem is “This is just to say” by William Carlos Williams. “I like the way a poet can paint a picture with words and  that’s how it makes me feel when I reads poetry”. Stern answered my question of… “If you could be any poet, dead or alive, who would you want to be and why?” Stern answered “probably W.H.  Auden and  because he is a great poet who lived in an amazing time period.

I also questioned Mrs. Montague the same questions and her answers were… “Who inspired you to start reading poetry and Montague’s response was Donna Lampkin and she didn’t like poetry till she had to start teaching it. I also asked her who her favorite poet is and her answer is 2-Pac. The third question I had her answer was when you read poetry how does it make you feel? Her response was the best poetry makes you feel some type of emotion; she loves it when a poem makes her feel something that is expressing something deep. I asked her if she could be any poet in the world, alive or dead, who would  be. She told me that she would be Edger Allan Poe because he was a great genius and at the same time he was also mentally ill, it would have been interesting to see how his mind really worked. And the last question I asked her was is there any way that poetry has changed your life in some way? If so how has it changed you? Her response to this question was I think poetry is a good way you release stress and anger and maybe even sadness sometimes. It  helps you work through difficult situations.

This is how poetry effects some people. As you can see some people have a stronger relationship with their love of poetry but it all just matters on the type of person that person really is.


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