Tang Museum comes to Maywood

12003858_1014816371873942_7063701262741758971_nby Jordan Hatch

I interviewed  Ginger from the Tang Museum. She told me that the Tang Museum came to Maywood  to expose the students to art work from Skidmore College. The date that the Tang Museum visited Maywood was Nov. 16. Mrs. Donna Lampkin was responsible for bringing the exhibit to Maywood. She contacted Ginger about coming to Maywood to present artwork to the art classes.

Ginger, with no hesitation, agreed to come to Maywood. It was a very exciting for students of Maywood.

The reason why the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery was built was to show the Saratoga community
amazing art from around the world. Patrons that come to the Tang museum are filled with wonder and excitement from the moment they start exploring the exhibits. The Tang Museum is located at Skidmore College and is open to both students and the public.

Studying the works of art at the Tang Museum opens up further opportunity into research. This traveling program brings the works of art in the Tang Museum to people so they are more enlightened. The purpose of the program is to be a learning tool that will collaborate with other 11035976_1014816401873939_1488499475795606802_ntraveling exhibitions. The museum serves Skidmore’s effort to emphasize interdisciplinary undergraduate liberal arts education. The goal of the museum is to focus on ideas, teaching spaces, and the principle of artwork as a way to advance knowledge across the disciplines.

This knowledge creates further opportunity into research in different fields. The central idea of the Tang Museum is to bring together twelve exhibitions every year. Faculty and students at Skidmore contribute to the museum every year. These large projects combine many different objects such as antique maps, scientific equipment, Rube Goldberg cartoons, Hudson River School landscapes, Shaker furniture,  and new works of worldly modern art. There is artwork from many time periods and disciplines. The Tang Museum has exhibitions from both well known and emerging artists. The opening art is from artists who had come to Skidmore in order to work together on these projects.

Frances Tang is an alumni of Skidmore College. As a textile design major, she went on to run a successful company that fixed up historical buildings in New York City. Through her generous donations, the Tang museum has been built and maintained.



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