Interview With Chewbacca

Michael Chewbacca, star of May Wars: A Sithy Situation gained world fame from his role in the school play. He now rubs elbows with the rich and famous. On May 22, 2014, Maywood School was lucky enough to get a visit from this major star. Chewbacca agreed to visit the hit Interview show, “Interview with Michael,” to talk about his Hollywood career and some of the many great projects that went on at Maywood School this year.

Watch the video — featuring reactions to the movie star’s visit from staff and students, Chewbacca’s arrival at Maywood, and the “Interview With Michael Segment” — below. If you’re having trouble viewing the video you can watch it on WeLearnTube here. Below is a transcript of the interview.

By Michael R. Graham

Michael: Welcome Chewbacca to “Interview with Michael”!

Chewbacca: Growl!

Watto: He says thanks for having me. He asks why you are wearing a hat.

Michael: Today is Hat day here at Maywood. It’s a fundraiser. For a dollar you can wear your hat all day.

Michael: So Chewbacca … How did you get offered the part “The Wookie” in May Wars: a Sithy Situation?

Chewbacca: Growl!

Watto: When the Maywood Drama class took a field trip to Capital Rep, to see the play Gypsy which I was starring in, they loved my performance. They had to have me for May Wars!

Michael: So, when they offered you the part did you just fall in love with it?

weheartchewyChewbacca: Growl!

Watto: No … I was insulted by the part at first. I made the director and writers revise my part twelve times.

Michael: What was insulting about it?

Chewbacca: Growl!

Watto: It wasn’t as big of a part as Chewbacca deserved.

Michael: So how did you feel about the final result?

Chewbacca: Growl! (Pulls out Oscar and growls defiantly.)

Watto: May Wars took Chewbacca from a supporting actor to a Major star!

Chewbacca: Growl! (bumps Watto on the head with scepter)

Watto: Ouch! Chewbacca was never a supporting actor … Always a major movie star.

Michael: Who was your inspiration to become an actor?

Chewbacca: Growls (happily)

Watto: Chewy says Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie.

Michael: What would you do if you met Angelina Jolie?

Chewbacca: Growls (excitedly)

Watto: (walks over to Michael whispers in his ear)

Michael: (looks unpleasantly at the camera) we can’t say that this is a family show!

mitchellFEATMichael: Chewbacca what sound do you love?

Chewbacca: Growls.

Michael: What sound do you hate? Chewbacca: Well Michael, I loathe the sound of people scratching the chalkboard.

Michael: What terrifies you?

Chewbacca: Growls. (Acts fearful)

Watto: When flea season comes I get scared that I will get them from all them from all the Maywood Therapy Dogs!

Michael: Thanks to the Maywood RAD soap fund raiser, you don’t need to fear. What you need is Dirty Dog. (Looks at camera and pulls out Dirty Dog Spray.) Dirty Dog. The dog spray with flea resistance!

Michael: So, it was reported that in order to get the part of “The Wookie” in May Wars, you needed to get in shape. Just how strong are you?

Chewbacca: Growls (holds up one finger, grabs bar bell and curls it 10 times, then drops bar bell walks over to the Grotto and gets snack and drink).

Michael: Where is he going?

Chewbacca: Growls.

Watto: He says when after he works out, he likes to get a tasty snack from the Maywood Grotto.

Chewbacca: Growls!

Michael: Wait! Use one of these handmade coasters the Art Club made here at Maywood, which are sold at the Grotto. (Peer buddy walks in.)

Michael: Who is this? Chewbacca: Growls.

Watto: This is my “peer buddy” Nicole. Every week, I go to Ms. Gordon’s and Ms. Pesnals classroom to help out. Hi Nicole! (Nicole says hi, then walks off)

Michael: So Chewbacca, it appears that you clean up nicely when you have to?

Chewbacca: Growls.reherse]

Watto: What?

Michael: (Pulls out year book photo of Mr. B) Look at this photo. Quite the photo for the year book!

Chewbacca: (Acts Flattered) pulls out oversized comb and combs his hair.

Michael: So Chewbacca, have you won any other major awards?

Chewbacca: Growls … (Holds up first place ribbon and Watto holds up turkey)

Watto: well I did win first prize in the holiday door decorating contest at Thanksgiving time!

Michael: Wonderful! Thank you for your time Chewbacca. You truly are a big star.

Chewbacca: (Stands up) Growls. (Tosses a bunch of character counts on the table.)

Watto: He says thanks, why don’t you fill out a few “Character Counts” for me, throw them in the jar in the main office, so I can get a prize. While you’re at it fill a few out for yourself.

Michael: Thank you, Chewbacca. (Looks at camera.) This is Mike Graham, for “interview with Michael” (takes glasses off) signing off!

Chewbacca: Growls.

Watto: Wait … Mr. Riley promised us that this would be up on the Maywood Matters Blog before the seniors field trip … Is that true?


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