By Thembi Alston

EcloudThembi offered to create comics for Maywood School Matters, because she likes coloring and making pictures. She didn’t read a lot of comics before working on her own, but learned about the art form for the project. Thembi said she was inspired to create a character that “floated and looked crazy and had power against mean people,” after watching the horror movie Pumpkinhead. In the movie, a witch summons an evil creature for revenge.

In her comic, “if someone gets their feelings hurt, they can summon e-cloud,” Thembi said. But for Thembi, drawing is a better way to deal with negative feelings. “Sometimes I want to be like e-cloud,” she said, “but yeah, doing the comic is a better way to get that out.”

Click the comic to see it larger, and keep an eye out for more. Thembi has a new comic in development!



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